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U.P. Oncolytics

the future of cancer treatment is viral

What we Do

Breakthrough Oncolytics

We’re going viral.


By harnessing the natural oncolytic and immunomodulatory capabilities of viruses, we will usher in a new era in cancer therapeutics. Our oncolytic virus platforms will provide safe and effective treatments to patients and families fighting difficult to treat cancers.


Mission: To change the way we think about cancer treatment

R & D

Cancer is personal. A change in an amino acid changes a gene. This changes a cellular regulatory pathway. Unregulated, a cell divides and divides and divides. A tumor forms. It shields itself from the immune system. The tumor spreads. Cancer is personal.

An enormous effort has gone into identifying and targeting the amino acid change, the gene change, the pathway change, the immune escape. In some cancers, this led to important treatments. However, in glioblastoma, this effort has not been successful. This is because no two glioblastomas are the same. And within a single glioblastoma, there are many different cancer cell changes. Glioblastoma is very personal.

In this era of targeted therapies, we believe that treatment for a cancer like glioblastoma needs to be specific, not precise. This is the domain of oncolytic viruses. These viruses attack cancer cells, not normal cells, without regard to those very personal cellular changes.

Our focus is to develop oncolytic viral therapies for cancers, like glioblastoma, that are resistant to traditional treatments.